Welcome to openpyxl-templates!

Openpyxl-templates is an extention to openpyxl which simplifies reading and writing excelfiles by formalizing their structure into templates. The package has two main components:

  1. The TemplatedWorkbook which describe the excel file
  2. The TemplatedSheets which describe the individual sheets within the file

The package is build for developers to be able to implement their own templates but also provides one useful templated sheet. The TableSheet which makes it significantly easier to read and write data from excel data tabels such as this one:


The TableSheet provides an easy way of defining columns and handles both styling and conversion to and from excel. See quickstart for a demo.


If you have any questions or ideas regarding the package feel free to reach out to me via GitHub.


This package is still in beta. The api may still be subject to change and the documentation is patchy.